Somi? What does that mean?

Our name was originally named for some heroines near and dear to our heart, both fictional and in the flesh, but due to trademark hula hoops, we named it for a dear friend. In the beginning stages of the business, Alysia worked side by side next to a goldfish, Somi, who after being privy to many of her business related ramblings, was dubbed her business partner.

Do you accept returns?

Absolutely. Nearly all of our products have a lot of stretch. Choose the size you typically wear, but if for any reason it doesn't fit and you would like to return it, please shoot us an email within 30 days at nobueno@somiapparel.com. We will be happy to provide you with a return label.

Why the three sizes?

Because we are a baby company, our orders are small and our sizing is a little limited. We’re looking forward to expanding our size offerings as we grow. If you have any questions on the fit or any suggestions for sizes you would like to see us carry, please email us at heythere@somiapparel.com

How should I wash my Somi bra and underwear?

Ideally, they would be hand washed and hung to dry. If you’re strapped for time and that’s not an option, the gentlest cycle on your washing machine, cold water, mild soap, and a line dry should do the trick.